The Government today launched a new boiler scrappage scheme. The scheme is hoping to persuade households with the least efficient heating systems to upgrade them. A £400 discount is provided to all those that participate in the scheme. Boiler Installation costs start from £935

Why have a boiler scrappage scheme?

The government has set very high targets for reducing its CO2 emissions. 14% of these emissions come from households domestic heating systems.
The Energy Saving Trust estimates 3.5m households have the least efficient boiler which is a G-rated boiler.

How do I qualify?

You must live in England and be a homeowner or a private tenant. Landlords can apply aswell but the scheme doesn't extend to Registered Social Landlords and housing associations. The boiler needs to be the main source of heating in your home.

Is my boiler G rated?

You must have a G rated boiler to quailify. A quick check is to see if the boiler has a pilot light? If it does it is likely to be a G rated boiler. Another good way to tell is if it's 15 years or older.

A list of the boilers that are eligible can be found here

Alternatively you can email me and I can check for you. Or call the Energy Saving Trust on 0800 512 012. An adviser will ask a series of questions to determine your eligibility.

How do I get the £400

First you need to get quotes, I always advise 3 quotes including one from British Gas. This will give you a chance to compare. Please always use a registered engineer for your boiler installation. You can get one here Gas Safe Register or you can call us. You need to get a quote before you can receive the voucher through the post. Then you pay the engineer for the installation. The engineer should then give you a receipt for the works and notify building control- a legal requirement and if not done will cause problems if you ever sell your property or a breakdown under warranty occurs. You are then free to redeem your £400 voucher. You will receive the money within 25 days after the installation has taken place.

Which boilers can be fitted?

Only A rated boilers can be fitted, please contact us for a list of the best/better selling A rated boiler.

Anything else you should know?

To combat fraud the Energy Saving Trust says all submitted vouchers must contain the customers and installers signature aswell as the Gas Safe register number of the engineer.
lucy summers
6/2/2010 06:07:17 am

i am in the process of getting my boiler changed as its the g style boiler, I have asked the people that have quoted me about the scrappage system but they tell me its finished, however i notice on your website that they have just announced another in the 1st may 2010 so is this running now? Thanks Lucy

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