News flash! An independent boiler supplier may be able to offer Britons a better deal than some of the leading energy providers when it comes to upgrading to a new boiler, it has been claimed. Guy Anker, news editor of Money Saving Expert, noted that in addition to the current boiler scrappage scheme, where households with a G rated boiler are eligible for a £400 discount off the cost of a new boiler- many energy firms are offering further discounts.

This however seems to have no substance at all. Even with this additional money off an independent boiler supplier could offer a cheaper deal. Mr Anker was speaking to Peter Thom, from Green Heat and a member of the institute of Domestic Heating and Environmental Engineers executive council, who claimed energy firms could charge as much as £1500 more than a small company for a new boiler installation. he advised getting a quote from an independent supplier aswell as an energy supplier before making the final decision.

When having a new boiler installed Britons should ensure the new boiler installation meets all correct British Standards and the engineer/company is Gas Safe Registered.
1/26/2010 06:06:34 am

I found your website very helful and full of useful information, thanks.

I am struggling to find an indipendent boiler supplier in my area (north Hampshire), it's a shame that you guys don't cover this area. Do you possibly know some trustworthy plummer down here?

3/3/2011 04:29:45 pm

I don't oftenly encounter independent suppliers of boilers. I'm surprised we have one at this site! Maybe buyers can have a good saving dealing with independent suppliers like this one together with its advantages. Thanks for the info.


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